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A multi-operational platform for our global youth community run by students.

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Global Connections

Uniting the world through equitable online education without borders.

Accessible Tutoring

Free online facilitation by student teachers of a myriad of subjects both academic and extracurricular.


Showcasing student dedication through literature and artistic expression.

Student Resources

Informational content made for all learners with a passion for furthering their pursuits.

Our Classes


Whether you are looking to expand your passion or simply want to improve, our writing courses will guide you through different genres of literature.


Gain critical thinking and analytical skills through a look into our world's past with a comprehensive review of modern and ancient events.


Enrich your understanding and comprehension of literature, grammar, and vocabulary through analysis of literature works.


Discover a new joy in mathematics through challenging problems and elegant exposition that will improve your performance in all areas of academics.


Learn how to make sentences and keep conversations going by piecing together words, so that instead of memorizing phrases, you'll really learn the language.

Geography Bee

Through a variety of techniques, ranging from maps to games, you'll prepare for history and geography competitions in addition to learning more about the world.

Public Speaking

Improve your day-to-day interpersonal skills by learning the fundamentals of being a great speaker while learning to write speeches that captivate an audience.


Become fluent in the implementation of different programming languages and learn how to develop your problem solving skills in computer science.

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