What is Handprints!?

Handprints! is the official Global Milestone publication for showcasing exceptional student work. The issues are divided into sections based on genres, topics, and authors. Aside from encouraging our tutees to publish their own pieces, this magazine brings together Global Milestone members from all over the world with a passion for interconnection and change.

Issue 01, Dec. 2020

Our very first issue signifies our growth as a service organization since March of 2020. Since then, we have not only taught countless group lessons and individual sessions, but we also have started our student resources section and our publication. To celebrate our progression, in this issue, some of our tutors expressed what being in Global Milestone means to them and many of our students showcased their progress through completed written works produced by their work in our classes. We hope to accomplish greater things in the near future! Click on the cover to view more of Issue 01.

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