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Hi! If you are an elementary or middle schooler from any part of the world who would like to further your academic studies or explore an extracurricular interest, Global Milestone is a perfect place for you. We provide free group lessons and other resources made by top high school students across the United States and China. As passionate learners, we believe accessible education is significant to any student at any grade level. Join us and pursue your interests now by filling out this form.

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Hi there! We welcome all high school students who are interested in tutoring or offering their skill in expanding our student resources section. If you are interested in teaching online group lessons surrounding core school subjects and/or extracurriculars, join us! If you are someone who enjoys writing or producing short videos about academic subjects, join us! If you are simply someone who wants to spend their time doing something meaningful in quarantine, join us! We provide certified service hours in any way your school/organization requires. Get started by filling out this form.

Student & Parent Reviews

“For the student-teacher who just taught the geography bee class, thank you so much! It is really helpful for the students when you use the map to teach and answer the questions at the same time!” - Parent of James D.

“I just took the public speaking class and I love it!” - Chloe C.

“We like Global Milestone's history and math classes very much, and the teachers are very hardworking. The homework assignments are also very in-depth, and the students said that the class is very interesting!” - Parent of Sophie Q.

“We just took the geography class and it was very good and interesting! We are definitely learning with Global Milestone for the long-term!” - Ryan T.

“The Core Four course prepared by the teachers is really helpful! Our son has improved a lot in writing, thank you, teachers!” - Parent of Ethan W.

“I took the Spanish teacher's class today, and the materials are all very good, thank you, teachers!” - Vivy H.

“Thank you for you guys’ contribution! Ethan just took a programming class, and all the class material and teachers are very professional. The student-teacher was very focused and knowledgeable. He will continue to work hard alongside other students!” - Parent of Ethan Y.

“Thank you teachers for your carefully prepared lessons!”
- Skye X.

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